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Fully intelligence computer type money counter

Product Name: Fully intelligence computer type money counter

Product Model: JBY-D-BT09-2(C)

Add Date: 2010-02-03

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Item:Fully intelligence computer type money counter
Model: WJD-BT09-2
Resolution capability: ★★★★★
Manufacturer: Shanghai Chuan Wei Electronic equipment CO., Ltd.



Display technique: adopt importing oversized LED panel, Function, digit and amount display clear
Unique design:well-designed for Banks, the modeling in fashion and innervation, dignity and liberality, reflect uncommon quality.
Sound alarm: automatic sound of the numbers ,and number adding function (on/off)
Working condition:to improve work efficiency effectively with intelligence, amount in total, mixed count, clear, add, preset, et.
Steady performance: adopt importing integrated circuit and sensor,the machine in steady performance and reliable in work.
Resolution functions: adopt entire digitization technology from Taiwan to distinguish with Ultraviolet, magnetism oil, safety line, paper characteristics intelligentize, and to detect abnormal notes, such as half note, narrow note, connecting note, overlapping note, etc, more accurate and reliable in detection.
Dust absorption functions: adopt internally installed dust collector to clear currency and keep the machine clean permanently.
Outer display: Prompt alarm display:inner and outer display work together, and keep-demand data.
Synchro video monitoring: video line connects with monitoring system, video displays tellers, clients, multiple functions and data of money counters synchroly.


Technical parameters:

Counting (coupons) Dimensions: Length 110 ~ 185mm, width 50 ~ 85mm, thickness of 0.075 ~ 0.15mm
Counting speed: >1000 / min
Dynamic noise work: <60dB(A)
Working temperature: <20℃
Power: ≤80
Ambient temperature: 0℃~40℃
Power: AC220V(1±10%)60Hz
Carton Size: 385×310×242mm
Packing size: 400×320×500mm(two)
Net: 8kg/s
Gross weight: 16.1kg(two)

Use environment temperature :0℃~40℃
Use environment relatively temperature:40%~90%RH,No strong light and magnetic disturb
Szie of cash:100×50~180×85(mm)
Cash thickness:0.075~0.15(mm)
Power supply:AC220V(1±10%)50Hz ~60Hz
Machine size:320×250×180(mm)
Packing size:365×300×245(mm)
Net weight :7.1kg

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